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I apologize about neglecting this community, but I'm becoming more active on DW again. I'll be posting news, events ect. that are relevant to those who live in [community profile] virginia, and I hope that some other people do the same. Feel free to promote any events you yourself are affiliated with, fundraisers, concerts... anything goes as long as it's in [community profile] virginia unless it's soliciting for free sex or something like that. None of that here, okay?

Are you a fan of the Hokies or the Wahoos? If so, get involved in the Hokies Vs. 'Hoos food drive. It's a competition between the fans of the two teams to see who can raise the most money for the food bank. This food bank helps TONS of local families. It truly is a great cause that will help local families. For all you know, it could be one of your neighbors who simply doesn't know where their next meal is coming from. Donations to the food bank are obviously taken year round, however for this particular competition, donations should be in by Valentine's Day. Support your favorite team and your local food bank!

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