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Hokies vs. Hoos Food Drive

I apologize about neglecting this community, but I'm becoming more active on DW again. I'll be posting news, events ect. that are relevant to those who live in [community profile] virginia, and I hope that some other people do the same. Feel free to promote any events you yourself are affiliated with, fundraisers, concerts... anything goes as long as it's in [community profile] virginia unless it's soliciting for free sex or something like that. None of that here, okay?

Hokies vs. Hoos Central VA Food Bank Competition )
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Let's get it started in this community.

You know you're from Virginia when... )

Feel free to add on to these in the comments. I got this list in an email quite some time ago and saved it because I thought it was funny. Also, I do identify as a southerner and I never tell people I'm from DC because I don't live anywhere near there, so those two don't apply to me. ;) The driving ones definitely do, sometimes. Oops!